Inspiring new friends in Santa Cruz

by william brooks
(bigfork, mt, usa)

hola Charis
you are so wonderful (full of wonder!!!)
i always love to open your e-mail messages because i know i will feel better afterwards
i am grateful for knowing you, your mindset, your willingness to contribute to your environment/Bolivia/friends/your friends to be
thank you again for your support/advice and kindness during my tumultous stay in Bolivia in september
my life is richer for i count you as a close friend in a far and distant land
many thanks to all the people who made my visit in Santa Cruz such pleasant experience: claudia urquizo,louis schoenhuette, anahi
and may senor evo find the pages of an inspiring guide for the future of Bolivia

- - - - - - -
Bella Readers:

If you'd like to see my page on William Bernard Brooks which has a full slide show and bio, along with pictures of his original art, click here.

William: thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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