Indebted to Bolivia and her wonderful people

by LocoJhon

I am trying to change my government's destructive policies toward a nation and people I have come to love and respect. Please allow me to explain.
Five years ago, my wife and I came to Bolivia for the first time at the urging of our then Rotarian-exchange-student-daughter. We were treated with the utmost respect, consideration and kindness by people who I now understand, had more reason to stone us to death (for what my country ((USA)) had done/is doing to Bolivia) than to educate, care-for or feed us (which seemingly everyone we met unselfishly did).
Most important (retrospectively) was their attempt to educate me about a nation I knew little about. Embarrassingly, it was my own.
We were there a month before before our 'shock and awe' bombardment and invasion/occupation of Iraq--supposedly in retaliation for 9-11 (a lie), or Saddam Hussein's support of terrorists responsible for 9-11 (another lie), or the risk he presented to my country for his supposed possession of WMD (yet another lie) or any of a succession of additional lies. At the time, I am embarrassed to say, I still believed Colin Powell, and the rest of the lies.
The Bolivians I met, presented me with alternative views of the world that I tried to refute upon my return to the USA, but instead I found out that they were right, and it was I who was terribly wrong. As a result, I am indebted to the wonderful people of Bolivia for their kindly education of a loco stupido gringo.
To try to return the kindness I am trying to focus a spotlight on my nation's efforts to divide Bolivia which are now being carried out by the same US ambassador who was previously successful in dividing Yugoslavia--with my hope that Bolivia will remain whole--for all Bolivians, and not just the elite.
Thank you, Bolivia. Viva Bolivia--for all Bolivians!
PS: @Sharon--when you state "This is the Bolivia I saw. Strength to do what can not be done, hope when there’s nothing left to believe in. People that give of the very thing they lack" you so very eloquently describe the same Bolivia which has stolen my heart.

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