Inauguration of the Awesome New Certified Forest Walkway in Santa Cruz

by WWF Bolivia
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

Deforestation is responsible for 20% of the annual emissions of greenhouse gases – which is more emissions than those generated from the entire global transport sector – and the principal manner by which Bolivia contributes to global climate change. Forests are crucial to fight and adapt to climate change. Our strategies for climate change must include forests because if they don’t, we will be faced with a situation in which emissions from deforestation and degradation increase global warming, which in turn accelerates the loss of forests.

On Tuesday, September 15th at 7.30 pm the Certified Forest Walkway, located on Av. Salle between the 3rd and 4th ring in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, will be inaugurated. The Walkway, which is a joint initiative between the Municipal Autonomous Government, WWF (the global conservation organization) and the Bolivian Forestry Chamber, has been designated to celebrate the commitment of this municipality with the conservation of forests in Bolivia, as well as offering an area for recreation and raising awareness of the important role cities play as beneficiaries and users of forests in the region and the country in general.

In 2006 and 2008, the Manzana 1 Art Gallery organized International Sculptors Workshops with FSC Certified Wood, which produced 16 sculptures that are now the central theme element that embellishes and distinguishes this Walkway.

In continuity with a Municipal Ordinance from 2006, the municipality has assumed an active commitment with the conservation of forests through a series of actions:

1. The adoption of a Responsible Purchase Policy for wood products, through which the Municipal Government will gradually buy certified forest products with the support of WWF
2. The self-proclamation of Santa Cruz de la Sierra as the World Capital of Certified Native Tropical Forests
3. The creation of the Certified Forest Walkway.

The Certified Forest Walkway is an urban green area that will also function as an interpretation center by displaying informative panels on the city-forest issue, forest management, FSC certification, responsible trade and general background information on the International Sculptors Workshops with FSC Certified Wood, becoming an excellent opportunity for both educational and promotional activities related to forests.

The construction of the Walkway was initiated in June 2008 and includes two pavilions for exhibiting the sculptures that are joined by a bridge; there are also small plazas, pedestrian walkways and, in the future, there will be a children’s park, bathrooms and snack area.


About WWF

The objective of WWF Bolivia, the conservation organization, is to contribute to the conservation of the Amazon and the Pantanal, promote and generate sustainable economic opportunities for its inhabitants and Bolivia in general.

WWF works for a living planet, and its mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature by:

· conserving the world’s biological diversity ,

· ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and

· promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption

The Autonomous Municipal Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra

The Municipal Government’s mission is to contribute in improving the standard of living of its inhabitants and provide quality services to the community promoting the active participation of each and every citizen in the planning and attainment of the integral development of the municipality and projecting Santa Cruz as a city that is supportive, avant-garde and progressive. Visit

The Bolivian Forestry Chamber

The Bolivian Forestry Chamber is a private, non-profit organization of national scope. It is the principal entity for forestry companies in Bolivia and its headquarters is located in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. It has approximately 100 partners grouped under four categories: 1. Forestry production in areas under concession, private lands that have been declared of forest use and plantations; 2. Production of veneer, plywood, furniture in general, doors, windows, etc.; 3. Non timber forest products; 4. Services: trade, drying, consultants, transportation, etc. The companies associated to the Bolivian Forestry Chamber that donated the wood for the sculptures and parts of the construction of the Walkway are: San Luis, Industria Forestal, San Martín, SFS and La Chonta. Visit

About FSC forest certification

Forest certification guarantees that the wood products we buy and use come from a responsibly managed forest. It is therefore important to be able to recognize the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label, since this means that these are products from an FSC certified forest and backed by a chain of custody certificate, and can thus be labeled with the registered trademark of the FSC. The purchase of an FSC certified product guarantees the consumer that he is contributing to forest conservation and supporting responsible forest management through his purchase.

Bolivia is a leader in voluntary forest certification under the FSC label, with 2,042,856 million hectares of forest under sustainable management. However, Bolivia annually looses 290,000 hectares of forest due to illegal logging and deforestation. 75% of this deforestation takes place in the department of Santa Cruz. Visit

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the capital of the Department and has the greatest extension of FSC certified forest in Bolivia and thus considered the worked leader in certified tropical forest with 2,042,856 hectares.

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