I'm Kricket and I support Earth Hour

by Kricket

Hi, I'm Kricket. My mom and I build BoliviaBella for you. Every year BoliviaBella and Bolivia for Kids support Earth Hour by helping to spread the word online. You can too! This year, 2011, Earth Hour is on Saturday, March 26th from 8:30-9:30 local time.

In 2009 we took one simple action. We turned off our lights and everything electric in our house and my mom and I had a candle light dinner just the two of us! It was cool watching the lights of the cathedral on the main plaza get turned off from our window. Did you know that Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where we live, was the very first city in South America to join the Earth Hour cause?

Last year we traveled to Tarija in southern Bolivia because it was the first time Tarija was joining Earth Hour and we wanted to be a part of that. In Tarija, Earth Hour is coordinated by the Green Hearts Project and the local city government and some other people and companies. We had a great time telling people about Earth Hour and explaining why millions of people from all over the world are taking part. Lots of people joined us in Tarija!

This year we're participating more actively in Santa Cruz by helping WWF, Tutuma Wings and several dozen other organizations and companies to plan Earth Hour events locally and we're spreading the word to all our online and offline friends. We won't be staying home for dinner this year! No way, we're going to go out where all the action is and make our voices heard!

Earth Hour is a symbolic event that lasts one hour. We turn off our lights because we want to send a really strong message that saving energy and taking other actions to protect our planet and our environment are really important. Human beings are using up and contaminating the Earth's resources way too fast and they're going to run out by the time we grow up. We need to stop doing that! It's time for each of us, individually and together, to change our attitudes and our bad habits and be really careful with the resources we use every single day. That's called "going beyond the hour. It all started in 2007 with just a few people in Australia and then look what happened!

You can help us support Earth Hour this year. You can make the decision to be more careful every day with your use of items and products that contaminate the Earth or waste energy. You can also plan an Earth Hour action in your neighborhood or school or participate in events that are being planned in your city. You can tell all your friends and family about it. Get your parents and teachers to help you or whatever it takes cuz a ton of people don't know about this yet!

Just be sure you make some changes in your life that you'll promise to work on every day from now on. I'm taking short showers and I don't leave lights on. And I tell everyone I know to save energy and not use too much plastic, and to recycle like, everything they can and not burn down our forests (cuz I live near the Amazon so I see the smoke when they do that).

What are you going to change in your life?

Visit www.earthhour.org to see all the other stuff you can do!

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