I love my new house

by Madja
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra)

In the May of 2010 I started looking for an apartment in downtown area of Santa Cruz. I lived between the 5th and the 6th ring, and although the house was really nice it was just to far out from the places of interest to me. I checked the adds in the papers, went to see a couple of apartments but nothing really convinced me. It was the end of the school year, the exams of approaching, and I just didn't have enough time to keep looking for a place on my own.

A friend then offered me to store my things in his house over the two-month vacation, since I already agreed to leave my house, live with him when we come back for the new school year, until I find something I really like. I took the offer, glad that I could write off one of the big things from the things-to-do-before-the-end-of-the-school-year list.

However, about two weeks before the vacation, my friend told me that he had a great news for him, and a bad news for me - he got a job in Istanbul, Turkey. That meant that I couldn't leave my things at his place, nor did I have a home to come back to from the vacation. I remembered how some friends have talked to this woman that helps expats in whatever they need, and finding an apartment was part of her services.

I quickly got in touch with her (yes, it is Charis of Bolivia Bella), we met for a coffee when I explained to her what is it that I want, what is really important, what not so important and how much I was willing to pay.

Just two days later, I believe, she called me, said that she had found some nice places that are not exactly in the area I was looking at, but that she had found a place downtown which she had not seen, but we had to act quickly cause there were other people interested in the house. I just told my boss that I had to go out and see the apartment right now. Charis came to the school in a cab and we went to see the apartment. It turned out it was not an apartment, but a 'casona' - a house with a patio in the middle and the access to all the rooms, including the kitchen and the bathroom was from the patio.

It was not at all what I was looking for. But as I stood there, checked the rooms, I started furnishing the place in my mind and I decided to take it. It is a four bedroom house, downtown, at a very reasonable price. I made no mistake taking it.

A couple of days later, I had to sign the contract, have it certified by a notary, basically to do all the paperwork that had to be done, and in Bolivia that is a multi-step process. However, it took me only one Saturday morning to finish everything, since Charis already has a lawyer friend, and the lawyer has a notary friend.

All in all, about a week after I figured out I really needed to find a place urgently, I already had it, with the contract signed.

And I do love my new house. You are more than welcome to visit me, just send me an e-mail to: madja@iname.com

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