i am needing help do you know of any places that help

hello my name is amber i live in melrose florida. a little over a year ago i got laid off. i live with my 2 sons and my husband is disabled and can not work. i have been looking for work but just can not find any anywhere. we do not know what to do our 10 year old is turning 11 on 8-30-09 and we have nothing at all to give to him. we going going to have his birthday sometime in september in hopes that we will get some help by then. we were unable to get him a gift last year and i just do not want to have to see that disapointed look in his eyes again. i figured that if a few people sent him something small then he could have some gifts. thanks god we get food stamps so the cake and everything else is covered. if you or any one you know would be able to help out in any way no matter how small could you please email me asap! it doesn't matter what it is, a card, dollar store gift card, or even a prayer. we are just searching for a little help! thanks and god bless all that have a loving heart!! amber and family

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