How to make an appointment at a US consulate in Bolivia

In 2010 the US Embassy in Bolivia initiated a new appointment system for consular services. Anyone who wants to make an appointment at one of the US consulates in Bolivia must request the appointment online. Many people are still unaware of this system. To set up at appointment, visit this page:

On the right hand side of the page you will see three red tabs for appointments in La Paz, Santa Cruz, and Cochabamba, Bolivia. Click on the tab of the city in which you would like an appointment, and follow the online instructions, .

In addition, the following instructions are highlighted on the embassy website:

When making your appointment, be sure to include the names of all the individuals who need to come to the appointment. Otherwise, the security guards will not allow everyone in.

The US Consular Agency in Santa Cruz has a very limited ability to make change in local and/or US currency. Please bring exact change in either all US Dollars or Bolivianos as we can not mix currencies.

Please be advised that the Consular Agency in Santa Cruz cannot respond to questions nor provide guidance regarding visas. Please visit the U.S. Embassy La Paz website at

for information on the visa application process.

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