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In this section on housing you can find

real estate agents and if you plan to rent in Bolivia or own a home, you'll want to read this important information and facts on what houses are like in Bolivia. I've moved over a dozen times in Bolivia and these are some of the lessons I've learned about house hunting in Bolivia. Click here to read about setting up public utilities once you've found a home to settle into.

Properties are still affordable in Bolivia, but prices are on the rise. You can find rural properties, quintas (country homes), houses, apartments, condominiums, hotel and timeshare properties, and office spaces for sale, rent and

anticrético (click for more information on this option which may be available in many other countries but is not available in the U.S.)

Because real estate is immovable, properties (usually called propiedades) are also frequently called "propiedades inmuebles" (immovable property). Conversely, furnishings (which are moveable property) are called "muebles". Therefore, real estate agents are called "agentes inmobiliarios" (immovable property agents). Their companies are called "inmobiliarias".

Another word for real estate is "bienes raíces" (literally translated as "rooted belongings", again because they are immovable) and agents sometimes are called "agentes de bienes raíces". When you purchase or sell property you must register and pay taxes to the government by going to the department of "derechos reales" (property ownership rights) to record your transaction.

Real estate agents who sell a property will charge the property owner a commission to do so, usually 1-3% of the purchase price. If they are helping a buyer purchase a property, it's still the seller who pays the commission. And unlike the U.S. if you use a real estate agent to help you find a rental property YOU THE RENTER will pay a commission for this assistance, usually equal to 50%-100% of one month's rent.

Moving to Bolivia? Let us Help!

BoliviaBella Expat Services can help you rent or buy a house or apartment. We've designed a set of house hunting services just for expatriates. We'll take you on our unique House Hunter Tour, help you find a rental, set up all your public utilities, assist you in opening a bank account, getting a drivers license, applying for residency and much more. We even offer an exclusive service package we like to call our Expat Welcome Party package. Click here to learn about all of the expat services we offer.

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