Happy Bolivian Mother's Day May 27th!

by Chef Noly
(Chicago, Illinois)

Let's toast to our wonderful mothers with a refreshingly tart and frothy Maracuya Sour. To me the flavor of maracuya is like a sour orange which makes it a perfect ingredient for a cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage...

In English, maracuya is called passion fruit. It is an oval fruit with a firm exterior ranging in color from yellow to dark purple. Inside the fruit is filled with numerous small black seeds, each surrounded by a juicy, gelatinous pulp.

When I first tasted maracuya in Bolivia it was in the form of ice cream at Dumbo's in La Paz. While I love ice cream, my favorite way to eat maracuya is in its fresh form. There is just something so fun, about squishing the gelatinous gems with your tongue and then crunching on the small seeds, that not even ice cream can replace.

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