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Santa Cruz Grows Green

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Santa Cruz Grows Green! Español On the occasion of Earth Day, which is celebrated every 22nd of April, the Autonomous State Government of Santa Cruz, Bolivia and joined forces for environmental conservation, by announcing in 2011 the formation of a voluntary alliance to promote environmental education and the adoption of more sustainable practices in the state of Santa Cruz.

Bolivia has shown great interest in environmental conservation, as it is here that 40% of all known species on Earth are found. Bolivia is home to tens of thousands of species of flora and fauna, many of them endangered. Santa Cruz is the largest of Bolivia’s nine states, and Santa Cruz de la Sierra, its dynamic capital city, is the fastest growing city in the country.

VISION: The non-profit strategic alliance between and the Autonomous State Government of Santa Cruz, by way of its Secretary of Sustainable Development and the Environment, stems from a great sense of responsibility and commitment to the protection and conservation of natural resources and the environment. MISSION: Disseminate information on actions taken to conserve and protect our natural resources and environment. Educate, create awareness, position and create among the population a desire to keep our cities clean, and ensure our state develops in harmony with the environment, along with a deep respect for nature.


a) Open Santa Cruz to Bolivia and the world by showcasing our immense wealth of natural resources, and informing on what we are doing to preserve them.

b) Continually educate and inform on actions our institutions are taking to conserve and protect our natural resources and environment. Ensure our citizens participate in actions we can take that will be beneficial to nature.

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c) Ensure all inhabitants of the state of Santa Cruz feel proud to be “cruceños” and live as such, creating among them a sense of ownership of the idea that all that surrounds us must be cared for and protected.

d) Commit all residents of the state of Santa Cruz to work toward making Santa Cruz the cleanest and best conserved city and state in Bolivia, with environmental education and the adoption of the slogan “Conservation is our Tradition”.

e) By means of the “Santa Cruz Grows Green” alliance, demonstrate that there are institutions and citizens who feel a profound respect, love and responsibility toward our natural resources and environment.

f) The environment is everything that surrounds us. Therefore, we will challenge all inhabitants of this state to act as such in their daily living, in their homes, at school, and at work to protect it. “Act like you live here.”

g) By providing information, we hope to generate small changes that will result in great achievements, as we all work together toward the achievement of a common goal.

h) Seek out local, national and international strategic alliances to achieve the above goals.

Santa Cruz Grows Green will function as a year round effort. We will make every attempt to publish all information in both English and Spanish. Subscribe to the BoliviaBella Blog to receive all site updates.

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