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Santa Cruz Grows Green

Español What are “green links”? They are small images, such as the ones you’ll see below, that you can easily place on your blog or website to show your support for the “Santa Cruz Grows Green” environmental education alliance.

It’s very easy! Simply decide which of the images you’d like to place on your website, then copy and paste the code found below each image onto your site. That's it!

The image will appear on your website and site visitors will know that there are citizens, such as yourself, who feel profound respect, love and responsibility for our natural resources and environment, in Santa Cruz or wherever you may be.

Choose a Link, Copy and Paste the Code

To obtain this text link: Santa Cruz Grows Green

santa cruz grows green 120px

santa cruz grows green 125px

santa cruz grows green 240px

santa cruz grows green 250px

santa cruz grows green 300px

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