Green Auction of Bolivian Art in Support of the Environment9 July - 9 August 2015

by Green Hearts Project
(Tarija, Bolivia)

“ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN” is a unique ceramic piece of art, enameled (kepauikoc, keramikos) hand made with ALTIPLANO CLAY over a metallic base of forged tin. Original piece of art, unique and by the well-known Bolivian artist and ceramicist: Mario Sarabia.

This piece is made of cilice with coverings made at 1,150 Cº (temperature). It has the form of flat clay covered with metal, curved convex with impressions on both sides of Andean llamas in their natural habitat (Mountains of the Bolivian flatlands).

This piece particularly has a very strong historic context, ecological, and cultural related with the place of origin, since La Paz (one of the seven wonder cities of the planet) is situated over clay and mountains.

“ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN” was donated by the artist in favor of GHP (Green Hearts Project) on April 29th 2015 for the benefit of the earth on Earth Day or PACHAMAMA DAY (in Quechua language), since Pacha is translated as “world or earth” and mama means “mother”, being the center of the world view of the indigenous people.

The Pachamama doesn´t only mean the planet (the round earth) but also means a lot of other things. It is nature in permanent contact with the human being, with whom it interacts. It is understood that Pachamama protects the people and permit they to live thanks to all the benefits: water, food, etc. People, therefore, must take care and protect it.

OPENING OF THE AUCTION: 12:00 (Bolivian time) on July 9, 2015

CLOSURE OF AUCTION: 12:00 (Bolivian time) on August 9, 2015

Click here to open a PDF document containing all details are rules for participation in this Green Auction of Bolivian Art in support of the environment.

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