Online Cloud File Sharing Services

Online file sharing services, more recently referred to as cloud services (or just 'the cloud'), are websites that allow you to upload, store and download documents, images, voice files, music and video files, and others, that might normally be too large or heavy to send by email. For Bolivia translators, online cloud sharing services can be very helpful, and can make it possible for us to work for customers overseas.

Before you take the time to register on a file sharing site or download the software necessary to make it work, consider converting your document to a PDF file. It might be all you need to do!

Free Online Document to PDF Converters

Sometimes our clients send us documents that take forever to download, or our completed translations take forever to upload and return to them, because they are so large or contain too many images. There are literally hundreds of websites that offer FREE document to PDF conversion. If one of the following isn’t useful to you, just Google “free document to pdf converter” and you’ll find many more to choose from. | |

Cloud Services, Online File Sharing Services

Most of us have heard of and have had the opportunity to try it out. Depending on how often you and your customers use cloud services to exchange files, may or may not be the best alternative for you. Some file sharing services (cloud services) limit the amount of space you can “occupy” within the cloud, or attach a fee to add “space”. In addition, some cloud apps are limited only to PCs, only to Apple MAC, or only to mobile devices. You can use the following links to research some alternatives or Google keywords like “online file sharing services”, “cloud services" or even “alternatives to” to find more.

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