My Fathers Day Prayer for You

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Fathers Day Prayer (Text Version)

Dear God, today, on Father’s Day, I lift up to you all of the men in my life who are fathers, beginning with my own. I thank you for all of these fathers who love their children, families and friends to the best of their abilities, each day.

I uphold to you those who are facing challenges, and those whose burdens may seem too heavy to bear. I pray you will give us the ability to remember that they are simply human, and them the wisdom to reach out to you when their own strength is just not enough.

I pray for the fathers who have experienced losses or failure. You knew these events would occur. In your plans, you have already taken them into account. Give them always new and more opportunities to become strong, so they can be the solid pillars of your plans for their own lives and for ours.

Help them to be open to seeking your truths, so they can become examples of gentleness, steadfastness, forgiveness, and above all, faith.

For those who have chosen well and those who have not, remind them always to consider their loved ones in any future decisions and choices they make. Help them to live their lives as the men you would want them to be, and when they do, help us to show our appreciation by demonstrating confidence in them.

I pray for those who continually try to live up to our expectations. Bless them with the knowledge that they only truly need to live up to yours. Forgive us for expecting too much of them at times.

Help us to be forgiving when they make mistakes that affect us, and give them the ability to forgive us and themselves. Place them back on their feet when they fall, and remove from their hearts any fear of trying again.

Help us to be thankful for every effort they make on our behalf, and teach us how to express our gratitude in visible ways that they can truly feel. Remind us to tell them often that we are proud of them. Give us opportunities to build them up and show us how we can support them in their journey.

Bless these men who are fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, husbands, brothers and friends. I uphold them to you today and every day. Give each one of these fathers two gifts today:

When they lift their hearts to you, make your plans and purposes clear to them. When they don’t seek you, remind them that when a man works, man works... but when a man prays... God works.

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