EXPOCRUZ 2009 Santa Cruz Bolivia Starting Friday 18 September

The EXPOCRUZ (Feria Exposicion de Santa Cruz) is Bolivia's largest expo, and most likely the largest in South America. It attracts nearly 500,000 visitors and exhibitors from all over the world and Bolivia. In 2009 Expocruz will open on Friday the 18th of September and runs for 10 days, beginning in the afternoon and closing at about midnight.

Expocruz is accompanied by business round tables which, this year, expect to gross over $180 million in intended business and trade between Bolivian companies and the rest of the world.

Expocruz is similar to a U.S. state fair/business expo combined. It's truly a family event and not to be missed. Besides visiting the many pavillions where products are exhibited (from ceramics to flooring, to jewelry, to tractors and cars, to cattle auctions) you can also enjoy the many restaurants, pubs and caf├ęs along with live music, concerts, dances, and the now very popular Magnificas fashion show. Products on exhibit are often sold at MAJOR discounts only during these 10 days. ATM machines are available throughout the fairgrounds. Over 350 police will be on duty day and night for safety.

Because of the influenza pandemic, it's recommendable you take along a bottle of gel alcohol and use it frequently. Masks and gel are supposedly going to be available at the entrance gates too.

Plan to spend an afternoon and evening at the Fexpo (Expocruz) with your friends and family. Arrive early to find parking (better yet, take a cab), wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes (you'll walk a lot - it's huge), and watch your personal belongings closely.

One thing you should definitely NOT FORGET: your camera.

The Expo is a 10-day showcase of Santa Cruz to the world and a lot of fun.

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