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Advice from Expatriate Tax Experts

As an expat tax issues can be very confusing. Worse yet, expatriate tax laws change frequently (doesn’t that always seem to happen when we’re overseas and we don’t hear about it?) We wanted to know what advice we can offer expats on tax issues and wealth management so, not being professionals ourselves, we sought out the expat tax experts and contacted NCH Wealth Advisors to get some first hand expat tax advice and information on expat tax planning and preparation.

Nick Hodges, President of NCH Wealth Advisors, (located in California) has written some articles we think you must read that really shed some light on expatriate tax issues. We should point out that NCH Wealth Advisors works only for U.S. expats.

Going Beyond Getting the Numbers Right

Who could know all the expat tax laws of every country and still be a good advisor? However, regardless of your country of origin, we think relying on a company that works exclusively for expats is important as laws that apply to us differ from those that apply to permanent residents.

Start by downloading the FREE "Expat Life" kit at ExpatCFO.com which lists and explains 17 documents expats cannot live without and explains clearly why and how as expatriates we can and should prepare these documents in advance.

NCH Wealth Advisors also offers an online vault where you can safely store them. View their video on how their Premier Tax CFO program works.

With this program you can easily check how your financial portfolio is performing; access your important documents like your life insurance and banking or mortgage information; determine if you want to make additional contributions on your IRA, and more.

You can access all of the your financial information in one secure location, 24 hours a day without trying to keep up with multiple website URLs, passwords, and paperwork that pertain to the financial side of your life, career and/or business. Their Premiere Expatriate Tax CFO Program bundles this all into one program that handles everything for you.

In addition, if you're away and your spouse, significant other, or family member needs access to your financial info, you can authorize them to log in to your account and get what they need, regardless of their location.

Moreover, you can run any number of reports that helps you get a clear picture of your financial situation. You also have numerous research calculators at your disposal to learn how much more you should pay on your mortgage, for example, to pay it off sooner, or how much money you need to begin to set aside for your child's college education.

Check out the site and start with the video on their home page. Also be sure to read the articles Nick Hodges contributes to my website for expatriates – you’ll find them in our Expat Finances Reading Room (there are a many other articles on the site you may want to look at too). ExpatCFO offers some of the best expat tax information and services available for US expats. That's why I asked Nick Hodges to share his articles and advice on my website for expatriates.

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