Evo Morales Admits Inability to Fight Drug Trafficking

El Diario Exterior, Madrid, Spain, 28 July, 2010: Bolivian President Evo Morales acknowledged Tuesday that drug trafficking groups in the region have “more modern” technology, “more sophisticated” weapons, and even “better communications” than the Police and the Army, which makes it difficult to fight organized crime.

“Drug traffickers have sophisticated weapons and communications equipment that is better than those the Police and Armed Forces have; therefore, we must provide our units what they need to ensure results,” Morales alerted when he presented César Guedes as the new head of the United Nations Office Against Drugs and Crime for Bolivia.

Drug traffickers have gained so much power, according to Morales, “that instead of the State entities following up on drug traffickers, the drug traffickers are following up on us”.

As an example, he mentioned the current situation in Mexico and some countries of Central America where drug traffickers fight for control over the drugs that are sold in the United States. “We must not allow this to repeat itself in South America”, he said.

Thus Morales once again made the United States responsible for the war against drug traffickers who have gained in strength in countries such as Mexico, where roughly 25,000 lives have been lost over the past three years. The indigenous leader claims the White House uses the war on drugs as “a pretext to exert control over the region”.

Representatives of the United States government “even said Evo Morales was the Andean (Osama) Bin Laden and identified coca producers as the Taliban”, stated the Bolivian president in reference to the Al Qaeda leader.

In 2008 Morales expelled United States Drug Enforcement Agents who worked in Bolivia and announced that as of that moment national institutions, and not foreign forces, would take on the war against drug trafficking.

“The war-on-drugs cooperation programs announced by the industrialized nations are not aid but an obligation, as they are the main generators of drug production because they have the largest consumer markets”, he accused.

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Source: El Diario Exterior
Date: 28-Jul-2010

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