Eleven Dead and Eighty-Six Injured in One Week on Bolivia's Death Road

08 Aug. 2012 Eleven people have died and 86 were injured in four separate accidents that took place over the past 7 days on Bolivia's Death Road (also known as the World's Most Dangerous Road) in the Yungas region of northern La Paz.

Five people died and 45 were injured, three of them gravely, when a bus fell 250-meters down a cliff on Tuesday, near the town of Irupana, 151 kilometers from La Paz.

Another person died and four were injured on Monday when a truck turned over on a narrow section of the same road that is in poor condition and winds between mountains and cliffs.

Four people died and 37 were injured on Thursday after another bus fell 120 meters down a cliff as it returned to La Paz from Caranavi, and another person died when their vehicle turned over, police are reporting.

The so-called Bolivia Road of Death runs through several towns in the Yungas valley that descends to from the Andes highlands 4000 meters above sea level, to the Amazon region.

The first portion of the road is used daily by hundreds of motorbikers and cyclists, mostly foreign tourists, who are attracted by the danger of taking Bike Tours on the World's Most Dangerous Road as well as the spectacular views.

Source: El Deber. Date: 08 August 2012 Read this article in Spanish.

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