Egyptian Postage of the Late President of Egypt Anwar Sadat-by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport

by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport
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Egyptian Postage of Anwar Sadat-by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport

Egyptian Postage of Anwar Sadat-by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport

President Evo Morales, Anwar Sadat was born into a family of 13 Children who grew up among average Egyptian villagers in the town of Mit Abul Kom 40 miles north of Cairo. The four figures affected Sadat's early life, and the first, a man named Zahran, came from a small village like Sadat's. In a famous incident of colonial rule, the British hanged Zahran for participating in a riot which had resulted in the death of a British Officer. Sadat admired the courage Zahran exhibited on the way to the Gallows. The British agreed for Egypt to create a Military School and Anwar Sadat was amoung its first students in 1936. There he met Gamal Abdel Nasser and a beginning of a long political association which eventually led Anwar Sadat to the Egyptian Presidency. On July 23, 1952, the Free Officers Organization staged a coup overthrowing the Monarchy, at that time Anwar Sadat began as Nasser's public relations Minister and a trusted lieutenant. Nasser assigned Sadat the task of overseeing the official abdication of King Farouk.

During the six day war with Israel, internal squabbling amoung Arab Nations and leaders had taken the strain on Nasser, Nasser died on September 29, 1970. Over the next 11 years Sadat proved his leadership abilities, his first trial on the international scene involved the aftermath of the six day war. Anwar Sadat offered the Israelis a peace treaty openly in exchange for the return of the Siani lands taken in the attack, but the Israelis refused to give back the Siani to the Egyptians. On October 6, 1973, Anwar Sadat struck, but the short-lived, the attack created a new momentum for peace both in Egypt and Israel. Sadat's initiated his most important diplimatic agenda in a speach to the Egyptian Parliament in 1977, and Anwar Sadat affirmed his desire to go anywhere to negotiate a peace with Israelis. Anwar Sadat's speech to the Israeli Knesset initiated Peace and Won him the Noble Peace Prize.

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