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The Ecomuseum in Sucre, Bolivia is a small museum set up by the German Bolivian Cultural Institute that is used to teach schoolchildren and members of the general public the importance of taking care of our environment. The museum has several displays showing the types of products that can be made from reused materials that have been made by hand, including numerous toys and other surprisingly useful articles.

The museum also emphasizes recycling and reducing the amount of non-biodegradable materials we use in every day life. One of the most surprising displays is a large model of the landscape of Bolivia, featuring the country’s mountains, valleys and lowlands which was “rescued” from the Tanga Tanga children’s museum after it shut down.

The Ecomuseum also offers seminars and other events at the institute. Jose Luis, the current coordinator, was kind enough to show us around and give us a full explanation of all the activities the museum plans throughout the year, and the displays, some of which include experiments and articles that children have entered into contests.

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The museum depends on volunteers and is just one of the many interesting parts of the German Bolivian Cultural Institute, which fosters language and cultural exchange. The institute also offers language courses, a boarding house, a library, a café, cultural events, tours, and more. Read more about the German Bolivian Cultural Institute here. The Ecomuseum is located inside the German Bolivian Cultural Institute, just two blocks from the central square of Sucre, Plaza 25 de Mayo.

Instituto Cultural Boliviano Aleman – Avaroa No. 326 – Sucre Bolivia
Phone: (591-4) 645-2091 – Email:

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