Earth Hour 2011 in Tarija Bolivia

by Green Hearts Project
(Tarija - Bolivia)

On Saturday 26 March 2011 from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. Tarija Bolivia will once again join in Earth Hour actions. MUCH MORE THAN ONE HOUR...

Last year Green Hearts Project® in coordination with WWF, made Earth Hour official in Tarija.

This year the challenge is to go beyond the hour. Earth Hour Tarija is scheduled to include ample local, national and international press coverage through an intense media plan and the dissemination of information and awareness building throughout the month of March including text messages, TV spots, and radio commercials along with ads on closed circuit TV in several banks that have committed to this effort. Earth Hour has grown in the state of Tarija to include the towns of San Lorenzo, Entre Ríos, Yacuiba and Bermejo, in addition to the capital city of Tarija.


It’s very easy. Turn off al unnecessary lights from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. on Saturday the 26th of March, 2011.


Not to “save energy” for one hour but rather, as an expression of your concern along with billions of other people around the planet, over climate change and the demand that urgent action be taken to reduce this ecological crisis. In addition, make a permanent personal commitment to change your attitude and be more environmentally friendly so our children and Planet Earth can live full lives in the future.


The central event will take place in the Parque Temático (7000 m2 of open space) with a symbolic act along with the scheduled outage of lights at the famous Casa Dorada, the Departmental and Municipal government buildings, the Luis de Fuentes and Sucre plazas, the Moto Méndez monument, and Avenida Las Américas, and all adjacent bars, restaurants, cafés and other locales.

The public will be invited to take a walk or eat dinner by candle light and voluntarily turn off lights at office buildings and at home. Similar events and regional activities will take place, along with planned outages, in the cities of Entre Ríos, San Lorenzo, Yacuiba, and Bermejo.

By motivating individuals, companies, and governments to commit to acting in favor of sustainability and demonstrating this commitment by turning off lights for one hour, Earth Hour is launching a powerful message of hope about what we can achieve when we unite in action. This will inspire others to join in working toward a common goal: to achieve a healthier world.

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