earth hour 2009

by WWF
(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Santa Cruz, Bolivia became the FIRST city in Latin America to join the Earth Hour initiative in 2008 and is once again leading it in 2009. Click here to read about how Earth Hour got started in Bolivia.

WWF Bolivia, in cooperation with the Municipal Governments of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Trinidad and Puerto Quijarro, Cooperativa Rural de Electrificación (CRE) and la Compañía de Servicios Eléctricos S.A. (Coserelec), invite you to participate in Earth Hour Bolivia 2009.

Earth Hour is a global campaign carried out by the WWF, the worldwide conservation organization. Cities and communities around the world will turn off their lights on 28 March 2009 for ONE HOUR (from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.) to show leadership and commitment to finding solutions to global warming and create awareness on how to save energy in our daily lives.

In Santa Cruz de la Sierra companies like Tigo, Mahs, El Nuevo Día and Revista Mundo Seguro, La Voz del Chiquitano, Revista Vamos, as well as Nudelpa in Trinidad, are some of the companies that have joined this campaign and have expressed their support by sending out text messages and disseminating information.

To learn more please visit the Earth Hour Website and sign up. It matters!

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