Earth Day Event Idea: Encourage Your Government to Go Green

by Earth Day Network

Remember, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity for you to share your concern about the environment with your government. Use your event or campaign as a platform to reach out to government officials and begin a conversation about greening your community. Let them know you want climate and clean energy legislation.

1. Encourage the governor, mayor, city council, board of supervisors, school district or another official body to issue a public statement about your Earth Day event or campaign.

- Send officials your proposed proclamation and invite them to discuss it at their next meeting or presentation.

2. Set up a meeting with your governor, the mayor, city council members, the president of your local chamber of commerce, and/or the heads of local companies to discuss your campaign for Earth Day.

- Have a small but diverse group attend these meetings to emphasize your broad base of support.

- In advance of the meeting, arrange who will be leading and who will say what. If the person with whom you meet has questions for you that you do not know how to answer, it is okay to say, ?I am not sure, but I will research that and get back to you.?

- Use a short fact sheet and other supporting materials to ensure that you have a clear message.

3. If you can?t set up a personal meeting, there are other ways to reach your lawmakers.

- Attend city council or other public meetings to get your issue addressed and raise enthusiasm for your event. Bring Earth Day buttons for supporters and fact sheets, sign-up sheets or other useful information for interested parties.

- Take the opportunity to speak about your event or campaign at public meetings where legislators may be present. Ask questions and organize your network to do the same.

- Organize a lobbying campaign through written communication. At every event, have a letter-writing table with sample letters. Supply stamps, postcards or pre- stamped envelopes, and collect the letters or postcards to be mailed.

- If the official appears on a local television or radio program, call in and ask questions.

4. Organize a Global Day of Conversation with your government officials to discuss environmental issues and to create sustainable solutions for the future. For More information about this program visit our website:

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