Did this happen 50 years ago?

by Margaret Bartley

There must be many people still alive who would remember millions of fish dying off 47 years ago. The article said it was the coldest winter in almost fifty years. That would mean that within the past fifty years, it has been at least this cold, if not colder.

Anything in the print media? Is this area so remote that millions of sea creatures dying off would have gone unremarked?

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Aug 11, 2010
fish dying in the millions in bolivia
by: BoliviaBella

We went straight to Manlio Roca, the authority interviewed above, for a response to your question. Here's what he says:

Temperatures this low haven't been recorded in 47 years; however, during the last time we experienced this extreme cold it did not cause an ecological disaster simply because it was an extremely SHORT cold spell and the rivers were deeper than they are now, because 47 years ago the cold didn't coincide with the drought we've also experienced this year.

This ecological disaster is the result of a combination of 3 factors: extreme cold, prolonged exposure (7 days), and a drought, so waters were not deep enough to be warm at greater depth - not enough to protect the fish.

Saludos, Manlio

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