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This is our Death Road Bolivia travel forum. Click here to learn more about the World's Most Dangerous Road. Feel free to ask questions, post travel stories, upload photos or videos, or share your experiences living, traveling, studying, volunteering, doing business, or touring here. You can start a discussion on any subject. Your message will post BELOW the form and will run through the Blog.

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I need information about Death Road in Bolivia for a university study. 
Hello, I am an Italian student and I am doing a research for University about the Death Road. Could you please tell me how many tourists visit it every …

Awesome BBC Documentary: Driving from Death Road to Potosí, Bolivia 
Follow Phil and Marcus as they drive along the Bolivia Road of Death, known as the world's most dangerous road, in this BBC documentary. Phil and Marcus …

Is it Possible to Hire a Taxi on Death Road Bolivia? 
Since we do not ride bicycles, is it possible to hire a taxi to take us on this road? If yes where is the contact? Thanks, Ninh

River Rats: An Awesome Video of the Yungas and Death Road 
This video, created by Philip Kittleson Caba, shows parts of the Yungas (the highland jungles of Northern La Paz) and Death Road (also known as the world's …

Mitsubishi Takes Daring Test Drive on Bolivia's Road of Death 
Mitshubishi went so far as to test it's Outlander on what is known as Bolivia's Road of Death , considered the most dangerous road in the world, to prove …

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