Davosan 2010 Telemarathon. Can you help change lives?

by BoliviaBella
(Santa Cruz Bolivia)

Davosan is a non-profit social aid and humanitarian institution that operates in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and is located on Santa Bárbara Street, near the San Juan de Dios Hospital. Davosan is run by volunteers.

Davosan provides basic medications and even helps pay for some, to people who cannot afford the medical treatment they need. Their work is extremely important in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. On Saturday July 24, 2010 they will be holding a Telemarathon, as they do every year, in the coliseum of the Don Bosco School to raise funds.

I hope you'll consider calling in and donating, emailing them, or visiting them at their offices to donate supplies or funds. You don't need to actually be in Bolivia to help Davosan.

BANCO MERCANTIL has set up two accounts for the 2010 Marathon, one in dollars and one in bolivianos. And Davosan has a year-round bank account as well. You can view more about this event on their Spanish website plus the bank account numbers here:


They are always in need of funds all year round and they've helped thousands and thousands of people get the medical treatment they need, who otherwise would have been unable to. Nearly 30,000 prescriptions a year, surgeries, and more.

Davosan: Calle Santa Barbara nº 430
Telephone: 591-3-3369174 / 591-3-3391158
E-mail: info@davosan.org.bo
Web: www.davosan.org.bo

Their website is in English although it's from a previous campaign and is a bit outdated but you'll get a good idea of just how many lives they've helped change, improve, or save and how they do it. For the update information use their Spanish website. It's all graphics and very clear even if you don't read Spanish.

Please help Davosan change lives.

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