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Daniel Beams and his family live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia where they are missionaries with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission. They work with a development project called Agua Yaku (previously known as Simple Water Solutions) that teaches simple water well drilling techniques in rural areas where the severely underprivileged would otherwise have little access to nearby drinking water. The photo below was taken at one of these sites. Daniel is from the U.S. and his wife is from Peru. They attend Trinity Union Church, one of the only churches in Santa Cruz, and they also support a children's home called Talita Cumi.

Daniel writes: “Photography has long been a hobby of mine, but I have only recently made a serious commitment to the digital era. Photography is so much fun in such a beautiful country full of interesting people and places. I hope these pictures can convey some of the joy we have experienced living here, but I also hope they will call attention to the poverty and social injustices in Latin America and can in some small way help improve the lives of people on this continent.”

I am very grateful for the gorgeous photos he has contributed to many of BoliviaBella's pages. To contact Daniel or view more beautiful photos of Bolivia visit his complete online gallery. (Prepare to be amazed!)

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