Come to the Black and White Gala in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Help Raise Funds for Charity

(Santa Cruz , Bolivia)

The International Women's Club has an annual gala event called the Black and White, to raise money for children's homes in Santa Cruz. This year, 100% of the money raised will go to two different organizations that help children:

1) Mission Timoteo - It is an orphanage with a school and preschool for kids whose parents are in the prison, Palmasola. As you probably know, there was a fight and ensuing fire in the prison a few weeks ago and some of the people hurt were children. In fact, one of the 35 people killed was a child. Children live in the prison with their parents. This orphanage is a place were children of prisoners can grow up and go to school. Most of the money raised from the Black and White will be dedicated to this orphanage.

2) APTEA - an Association of Parents of kids with Autism. We are helping them buy tables and chairs for their center.

The Black and White event will be October 19th at 8:30 PM at the Los Tajibos Hotel in the Salon Gardenia.

The tickets are 250 bs each. There will be dinner, rifas, entertainment, dancing. The dress is formal.

Anyone interested can buy tickets from IWC members or they can call Kelly Clark Boldt, at 750-23164 or and we will arrange for delivery.

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