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Español Now you can chat with other visitors who are online about any topic you want. Ask others to share their travel experiences, exchange Bolivian recipes, ask about tourist attractions in Bolivia, find out what it's like to live here, and more. If no one is in the chat room when you enter, hang around for a minute. It's quite popular and you'll soon find someone to chat with. Our privacy policy. You can watch Bolivia videos, music videos and documentaries on our 24-hour video stream while you chat.

You can login to chat or chat anonymously:

Chat room rules for your safety:

Use this room to ask others for their opinions about places in Bolivia, travel experiences, tourist attractions worth looking into, websites they found interesting, etc. but:

NEVER EVER EVER give out ANY personal information. This includes your real name, address, phone or mobile phone number, email address, or any other information that would allow someone to identify the "real you".

Please use this feature wisely and respectfully. Anyone adding hateful, pornographic or discriminating comments or profanity will be banned and this feature will immediately be removed and will no longer be made available, thus ruining the experience for eveyone. Let's keep this happy, healthy and useful to all. is not a political forum and does not promote nor endorse specific political or religious views on this site. Any views and opinions, without exception, shared by our readers through the various forum pages available on the site are absolutely and exclusively the responsibility of their authors. Absolutely no exceptions!

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