Canadian staying too long in Bolivia?

by Anthony
(SCZ, Bolivia)

I am a Canadian who is completing an internship in Bolivia for 4 months, since April 30, 2010. When I came to Bolivia, I was told that I had 90 days to stay in the country. I had planned to stay till July, then take a flight out of the country to Argentina for the weekend, and then head back in to renew the visa.

According to your website, these regulations have changed, and I'm now concerned about my trip. If I understand correctly, I need to renew my visa every 30 days at a charge of $30. Secondly, that if I end up leaving the country, I will be denied re-entry. Thirdly, I absolutely cannot pass more than 90 days here in Bolivia... If this is the case, what should I do? Is my only option to rebook my flight and get out before my 90 days are up?



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Mar 22, 2011
has this been resolved?
by: Anonymous

Hi I am a Canadian currently staying in Cochabamba. I will be overstaying my 90 day tourist visa by a few days, but was told that I can pay. I then planned to leave the country (to visit friends in Brasil) and then return to bolivia for 90 more days. I have heard conflicting information about this.... I was wondering if anyone has concrete information as to whether a Canadian can receive a 2nd tourist visa within the calendar year?

Jul 07, 2010
Canadian staying too long in Bolivia
by: BoliviaBella

What we're being told is that people who have entered on a 90-day TOURIST visa are no longer able to cross over the border and come back on another 90-day TOURIST visa because no one is allowed more than 90 days per calendar year.

The VISA DE OBJETO DETERMINADO (specific purpose visa) is the visa people should actually be using to enter the country if they plan to reside here MORE than 90 days. However, it is usually used by people who plan to start their residency request process once they get here.

Unfortunately, this is a problem more and more volunteers are coming up against, especially since they often spend more than 90 days in the country but less than one year and don't really plan or want to be actual residents.

I'm going to ask the English-speaking lawyer who works with us to see what she thinks can be done. I'll send you an email.

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