Cameraman Attacked by Miss Bolivia's Family Members

Saúl Pinto, a cameraman for Channel 13 denounced he was beaten by Olivia Pinhiero's family members yesterday when, along with reporter Fernanda Saucedo, he awaited an interview outside the Pinheiro home on Avenida Cushing.

The event took place at about 10:00. "We were in the street when suddenly Olivia's brother came out and attacked me. Then his father came out and also attacked me and they violently took away the film from my camera", said the cameraman. Likewise, he also claims three other people exited the home and attacked him while journalist Fernanda Saucedo was left alone but in a nervous crisis.

The event was reported to the Fuerza Especial de Lucha Contra el Crimen (FELCC police). Saúl Pinto was admitted to the Caja Petrolera clinic and seen by a forensic medical examiner. He has asked his sector's Federation to provide guarantees.

Source: El Deber
Date: 10 Feb. 2011

This is a translation. Read this Article in Spanish here.

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