Bus Accident in Bolivian Yungas: 16 Dead and 20 Injured

Madrid - Spain - Pueblo en Línea, 11-Aug-2010: At least 16 people died and another 20 were injured when a bus crashed into a mountainside along the Yungas road in Bolivia, according to preliminary information from police.

The accident took place at 4:30 p.m. (17:40 GMT) this Tuesday, after a bus belonging to the Yungueña busline lost control and collided near the Cumbre (summit) just 45 kilometers from the city of La Paz.

The head of the Accidents Division of the Bolivian Transit Police, Coronel Víctor Hugo Oña, reported to the press that the vehicle left La Paz headed to Guayaramerín, 1050 kilometers away in the department of Beni.

According to one of the injured passengers, the bus was having trouble with its brakes and collided into the mountainside. Others indicated that the driver preferred to crash into the mountainside rather than drive off the cliff when he realized the brakes were not working.
?We know the bus began to speed up as it headed downhill and narrowly missed some other vehicles that were driving toward it in the opposite directions. But at the curve it lost stability and crashed against the rocks. However, we don?t yet really know what caused this accident,? explained Oña. (Xinhua)

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Source: Pueblo en línea
Date: 11-Aug-2010

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