Borders, Roads and Markets to Close in Bolivia Monday 9 August

Travelers: Truckers and market sellers throughout the country have threatened to close down borders, block all major roads and shut markets throughout Bolivia on Monday 9 August 2010 in response to a new Customs law that will limit contraband.

The new General Customs Law was approved last Wednesday in Congress and its objective is to severely reduce illegally imported goods (most of what you see in open air markets) including food products, toys, household appliances and electronics, clothing, and more. The government is also working to greatly reduce the number of illegally imported cars.

Unless negotiations resolve this issue over the weekend (unlikely, as it is Bolivia's Independence Day holiday) there will be no transportation along national and interdepartmental highways on Monday. Foreigners, don't not attempt to go through road blocks and stay away from areas where protest are occurring for your own safety.

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