Book your tour in or around Samaipata... IN SAMAIPATA !

by Susanne Lijmbach

I just came across the Bolivia Bella website and feel the need to send you a message. It is nice to read the positive information about Samaipata which is written in a pleasant way.

Samaipata IS a beautiful village with a very good atmosphere and is welcoming to its visitors. There is a lot to do and see around the village as well. One could come for a week and do or visit something different every day.

We have our travel and tour agency Kaleidoscope Travel S.R.L. (before Ben Verhoef Tours) established in the centre of Samaipata since 11 years already.

What I do regret is that I don’t find any name or link to a tour operator in Samaipata. You advise a tour operator from Sa. Cruz to go on a tour in Samaipata, though there are quite some tour operators in Samaipata itself!

If there are not enough tourists to form a group in Samaipata, for sure there will not be enough tourists in one tour agency in Sa. Cruz to form a group for a tour in Samaipata.

Because of the distance, it is more logical to undertake the tour from Samaipata instead of Sa. Cruz (120 km from Samaipata).

Tour operators and guides in Samaipata want to have work as well!

Many Samaipata tour operators work together; if a group is not full they will call a college to ask if he has some clients for the same tour.

Here follows a small list of the better tour operators in Samaipata, but there are more than these.

I mention our own agency first, since I’m writing you.

Kaleidoscope Travel S.R.L. arranges travels throughout Bolivia (we specialize in custom-made trips) and we do tours in and around Samaipata: El Fuerte, Las Cuevas, La Pajcha, N.P. Amboró, the Condor Hike, Laguna Volcán, the Ché Guevara Tour, the Old Trade Road from Samaipata to Sucre, etc.

Kaleidoscope Travel S.R.L., Calle Campero s/n esq. Gral. Saavedra, tel. 3 944 6365, cel. 726 10 416,, or

So there are:
Kaleidoscope Travel;
Tucandera Tours;
Michael Blendinger Nature Tours;
Tierra Madre Tours;
The Roadrunners;
Chané Tours;
Samaipata Tours.

I’m sure that tourists can find the tour they like to do in or around Samaipata with one of Samaipata’s tour agencies.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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Jul 05, 2016
Thank you for the list of tour operators in Samaipata
by: BoliviaBella

We appreciate your comments and suggestions as our website continues to change, evolve and grow. began as a website about life in Santa Cruz and did not initially offer information about any other area of Bolivia.

Over the past 9 years it has grown to contain over 7000 pages of information for foreigners and tourists, and is today the most viewed English website about Bolivia in the world. We are continually adding pages and new information, and making changes and updates. Sometimes, these changes take time due to the enormous size of the website itself.

We are preparing some changes soon that will include our Samaipata pages. One of these changes is that we are going to begin charging a (very small) fee to list commercial entities who profit from the publicity they obtain from our website. This will include hotels, restaurants, car rentals, tour operators, banks and others who wish to be listed on our site.

Over the past 9 years we have never charged to list any commercial entity, and all listings have been completely free; but as our website grows, so do our software and broadband costs, therefore it has become necessary.

We hope that you and other tour operators in Samaipata will continue to be interested in being listed on our site. We'll contact you when our "tour operators in Samaipata" page is set up to give you the opportunity to be listed. Along with contact information, you'll be able to post your logo and a link to your own website.

Your comments were very welcomed and appreciated by us. Rest assured that very soon (within the upcoming 10-14 days) you will no longer feel left out of our site. We would love to list you on it.


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