Bolivians lead votes against global warming

by WWF Bolivia
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

Bolivians are demonstrating the active commitment in fighting global warming and asking that their voice be heard during the meeting in Copenhagen starting on December 7th in which world leaders will meet in hopes of developing a global agreement to stop global warming and its catastrophic consequences.

The votes from Bolivia are in second place, after Brazil, for the entire Latin American region, with almost 900 people having visited to register their vote in the first global elections between the planet and global warming. This commitment is noteworthy since Bolivia is one of the least populated countries on the continent, with approximately 9 million inhabitants.

This is a strong and clear message reflecting the hopes of Bolivian citizens that the results from the conference in Denmark are favorable and confirms its commitment with actions directed at preventing climate change.

In 2008 Santa Cruz de la Sierra was the first city in Latin America to adhere to WWF´s global campaign Earth Hour. In 2009, 4 additional cities participated: Trinidad, Puerto Quijarro, La Paz and Cochabamba. It is expected that participation in Earth Hour 2010 will be even more massive.

If you haven't placed your vote yet, you can vote right now on's home page.

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