Bolivian Students Damage Potosí State Government Building with Dynamite

09 May 2012. Potosi. With university authorities patiently watching, a group of students threw rocks and dynamite at the Potosí State Government building. This morning students and authorities of the Tomás Frías University in Potosí set out on a march, but a group of medical students caused serious damage to the building. They set off sticks of dynamite at the main door and building balconies, seriously damaging the infrastructure and windows.

Hugo Cazón, university vice-rector, stated that "these are public resources and our own resources. We will not allow this to happen. I just found out about this and we will investigate who is responsible."

The protest was headed by several of the university's top authorities.

The Police Command was present at the government building, but did nothing. The police sub-commander, Eduardo Veramendi, watched the university students but did nothing other than prevent young children from approaching.

A portion of the population does not agree with these actions; however, others state that the Government is now "being given its own medicine".

The State Government building was also painted and stained with red and black paint.

Source: Date: 09 May 2012
This is a translation. Read more in Spanish here.

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