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La Posada del Sol Boutique Hotel in Samaipata

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Chef Trent Wauson, Samaipata, Bolivia

Howdy! I’m Chef Trent, I’m originally from Texas and I own La Luna Verde Resto Bar in Samaipata, Bolivia. I’m one of those lucky people who get to live and work in paradise. My restaurant is situated on a high knoll with a spectacular highland view of emerald, tropical mountains in the distance. It also happens to be set in the stunning garden of my beloved La Posada del Sol boutique-style hotel.

Many tourists come here to nirvana from all over the world to visit the outstanding archeological sites of El Fuerte, to trek in the rare ecosystems of the huge Amboro Park wildlife reserve and to enjoy the best condor viewing in all of South America. Others (like yours truly) just want to chill by paradisiacal waterfalls in the tropical mountain sun or wander around our charmingly rustic town located in the Cordillera Oriental of the Andes.

And of course they are here for what is always my favorite reason to visit anywhere on the planet... THEY WANT TO EAT! Yeah baby! That’s what I love! Everybody loves to eat and that’s why I’m here – to help you not only eat but eat well! I’ll do this by revealing each week one or two of my trade secret recipes. Sometimes they’ll be Bolivian style dishes (with a toque de Chef Trent) while others will be international style formulas. I’ll try to give clues about where to find elusive ingredients here in Bolivia, which can sometimes be a challenge as many of you know. I’ll also include a restaurant review every now and then.

Side note: Perhaps some of you will want to ask, “Chef Trent, how did you come to arrive in such a heavenly place? Perhaps I, too, would like to do something so wonderful someday.” I’ll reveal those mysteries and more to you here on this outstanding Bolivia Bella site where I was blessed enough to be invited by Charis Barks, the brilliant webmaster, to make my contributions. Check back for a weekly update to learn more about my history, especially how I came from Texas to live in the remote Andes of Bolivia and how I met the Zen Master: my gorgeous Bolivian wife of ten years. (I will also explain why I call her the Zen Master when her name is really Lidia Rosario Castro de Wauson.) So here goes. Have fun with food, and as they say in Bolivia, “Buen provecho!”

Chef Trent's Favorite Bolivian Recipes, Food Discussion and Personal Restaurant Reviews

Chef Trent uses this form to share recipes, restaurant reviews, and food commentary. You can comment on his recipes and articles as well.

Chef Trent's Fave Recipes: Hungarian Smoked Paprika Goulash- A Bolivian food adventure story 
A couple of years ago I spent a week making friends with a fellow named Mike Fruergaard, a Danish traveler and author, who was staying in our La Posada …

Restaurant Review: Chalet la Suisse, Santa Cruz, Bolivia 
I hate to write bad reviews of a restaurant, but I had an experience so overwhelming that it simply must be done. My wife Chary, the Zen Master, and I …

Chef Trent's Fave Recipes: Picadillo de Pollo (Jay Austin’s Home Specialty) 
Is great food that is cooked by a new Bolivian expat resident considered Bolivian food? You are darned right it is and I’ll prove it. Jay Austin, a former …

Chef Trent's Fave Recipes: Fricase Texipateno (Bolivian style spicy pork stew with my own touch!) 
Fricase Texipaceno: Running late this week with my recipe, but it will be worth the wait. It is an authentic dish from La Paz with a touch of Chef Trent …

Chef Trent's Fave Recipes: Jessica’s Texas-Made Chicken & Dumplins (Soon to be great Bolivian food!) 
Today I will spotlight Home Chef Jessica Burks from Houston, Texas. She is already a fan of Chef Trent and has been following me and my fabulous Bolivian …

Chef Trent's Fave Recipes: Aztec Soup - La Luna Verde Specialty, Samaipata, Bolivia 
So many people have begged me for this recipe that I finally decided to spill it...the recipe not the soup. It is commonly called Tortilla Soup back in …

Oliver's Travels, La Paz, Bolivia: A Really Good Bar with Really Good Food! 
My wife and I arrived at lunchtime because we weren't going to have time to go at night, which we heard is when all the real action takes place. It was …

Chef Trent's Fave Recipes: Roasted Curried Cauliflower - La Paz, Bolivia 
So many of you who are reading this are home chefs just as I was at one time. You are the salt of the earth and you can invite Chef Trent to your house …

Boston Bar and Grill Restaurant Review 
Some restaurants captivate me. I get so excited by their food that I go into a veritable feeding frenzy and return over and over, obsessed by what the …

Nais Lunch & Dinner - A new location for an old favorite! 
When Chef Trent and his Zen Master go to dine, sometimes they need more bang for their buck. For those who don’t speak Texan, that means the best quality …

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