Bolivian Police Confiscate $50 Million of Uranium in La Paz

La Paz, Bolivia. An elite police unit carried out an operation at a private home in downtown La Paz, confiscating 2 tons of uranium. As a result, four Bolivian citizens have been detained. The uranium is valued at approximately $50 million dollars, according to preliminary information provided by the police. Bolivia appears to have been a “transit” country for the uranium, the destination of which was allegedly the Republic of China. The home is located on Campos Street, near the corner of Arce Avenue.

Additionally, what causes some consternation is that the arrested citizens used the written media to publicize the product. Uranium is a health hazard for neighbors in the area. Laboratory personnel are carrying out the respective analyses. Police and investigtors will work to find out to what degree the four citizens were involved. The Viceminister of the Interior, Jorge Pérez, indicated that uranium is highly radioactive and clarified that Bolivia does not produce uranium.

Source: Date: 28 August 2012 Read Original Article in Spanish

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Aug 29, 2012
Who are responsibles
by: Anonymous

How did this toxic got into the center of the city??? Please explain. Estos es increible...

Aug 29, 2012
uranium is weakly radioactive and a toxic metal
by: Petronius.

Is the confiscated uranium enriched? If not, then is not very radioactive, but as few peoples know, it is toxic.

As can be found in Wikipedia: "Normal functioning of the kidney, brain, liver, heart, and other systems can be affected by uranium exposure, because, besides being weakly radioactive, uranium is a toxic metal."

Aug 28, 2012
Uranium is seriously radioactive!!!!
by: Anonymous

Holy crap!

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