Bolivian Miner Rescued in Chile Will Not Return to Bolivia

Opinión, Cochabamba, 14-Oct-2010: Family members of Bolivian miner Carlos Mamani Solis, rescued along with 32 others from the San José mine in Chile, reported he has decided not to accept a job offer from Bolivian President Evo Morales, and will not return to Bolivia because he believes the country does not offer adequate living conditions.

María Herrera, the Bolivian miner's mother-in-law, in statements to Red Erbol, said the necessary conditions to return to Bolivia do not exist; therefore, Mamani prefers to remain in the trans-Andean country that welcomed him and offered him better working conditions and economic stability.

"Bolivia doesn't offer adequate living conditions. I had to abandon my home in Cochabamba," he affirmed in an interview, while indicating that President Evo Morales' job offer "isn't a sure thing".

The family demands the Bolivian government guarantee Carlos Mamani a home to live in, job stability, and a secure future for his small daughter in order to return to Bolivia.

In La Paz, René Martinez, president of the Bolivian senate, said the decision to return, or not, to Bolivia is strictly a personal decision to be made by the miner who was rescued at 2:09 a.m. (Bolivian time) after having spent 70 days underground in the San José mineshaft along with 32 other miners.

"It's a personal decision our brother Carlos Mamani has to make. We aren't discussing the type of job, but the government's hands are open to receiving our fellow countryman," the authority stated to Erbol.

Meanwhile, Abraham Monasterios, an opposition congressman (of the Convergencia Nacional party), saluted President Morales' intent to visit the rescued miner; however, he criticized the leader's attitude upon offering Mamani a job, as he believes it was untimely.

The President of Bolivia, after visiting Mamani at the Regional Hospital of Copiapó, where he remains under medical observation, told the international press that he had offered his fellow countryman a job along with all social benefits.

He even expressed his desire to return to Bolivia along with the miner, who had acquiesced to returning to the country to accept the job offer, but had stated everything would depend on the medical report and the decision his family would make together.

Finally, after traveling to the Esperanza region to witness the rescue of the miners trapped in the San José mine, Morales returned to Bolivia without Carlos Mamani.

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Source: Opinión
Date: 14-Oct-2010

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Oct 19, 2010
all miners are not equal
by: Anonymous

Now the question is what is the government going to do with all the other miners who are now demanding the same treatment Mamani got!

Oct 19, 2010
Miner gets House and New Job in Unrelated Field
by: BoliviaBella

Yup. He did indeed change his mind. We posted the story yesterday.

Oct 19, 2010
by: Miguel

News today regarding Carlos Mamani (the miner who 'would not return'):
""President Morales has offered me a safe job and a home. I'm very proud and I'm coming back to Bolivia," Mamani said.

In fact it seems he has already landed in La Paz, had lunch with Evo Morales, and accepted his new job. He is quoted as saying he could no longer live in Chile because of harassment from journalists. Now there's something for us to think about . . .

Oct 15, 2010
by: Miguel

Yr1952 makes a stupid comment without any knowledge of the situation. Does he know if the family sought any help in getting to the mine in Chile? Does he know if their finances were such that they would need it? If they travelled by private auto or by taxi, and not by camion, perhaps they didn't . . .

Morales might have been hasty in offering to ensure Carlos Mamani Solis had a job to return to in Bolivia - but it was a positive gesture and I can't see why he should be attacked for making it.

Presumably Yr1952 would have preferred Morales had stayed away, and said nothing; then he could have attacked the President "for ignoring his countryman who had barely escaped with his life . . ."

Oct 14, 2010
We don't know the full story
by: Jack

It's very interesting and perhaps courageous to take the stand that this miner has taken but, we don't know why he left his country in the first place nor, what he might have to forgo to return.

It seems as if the other miners will be receiving considerable attention and benefits which might not be given to this man if he returns. Although there's been nothing said about this, it is something which could be in the mixture.

Possibly there was a bit of a gaff on the part of Morales in not attempting to determine the sentiments of the miner through his family before he announced his visit and the offer to fly him back in public, or he might have expressly felt that he could gain some political benefit by making such an announcement and gesture.

Critics of the Chilean government have been vociferous in complaining about the government's use of this episode to make political headway. It may be claimed that there were secret offers from the Chilean side to have him turn down Bolivia's offer to further bolster the image of Chile.

These are all speculation, but they are within the realm of the possible when you consider the different players and the stakes involved.

Oct 14, 2010
Miner's Family Traveled by Automobile to Chile
by: yr1952

Yes, the Bolivian President traveled to the mining site to be on hand when the Bolivian miner was rescued. But...the wife and brother of the miner had to travel by automobile from Bolivia to Chile without assistance from the Bolivian govt.

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