Bolivian MAS Party May Ban Soap Operas and Regulate Content

La Razón, La Paz, 21 October, 2010: MAS party senator Isaac Ávalos announced yesterday that the Movimiento al Socialismo is preparing a bill to eliminate broadcasing soap operas with inappropriate content in an effort to protect children and adolescents.

?We are working on a law in the Cámara de Diputados (similar to the house of representatives) to ban soap operas in the media because girls show themselves nearly naked,? affirmed Ávalos in Cochabamba, according to ATB television.

The senator, of the government party, added that ?we don?t agree that a family should have to see half-naked men and women in the media or in photos. I think we are going to eliminate this with a law?.

Last week the government-owned news agency reported that the Ministry of Justice is discussing the preparation of a bill for an equal opportunity framework law that would seek to regulate broadcasts, publicity, information and all visual, oral or written expressions that contain sexist images, allusions or stereotypes that are demeaning, humiliating, or degrading to female dignity. No final document has been presented yet.

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Source: La Razón
Date: 21-Oct-2010

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