Bolivian government preparing to expel USAID

by William

Over the past week or so I've been reading in several online newspapers that the Bolivian government is getting ready to expel USAID from the country. From what I understand, the Bolivian government believes USAID representatives used their time in Bolivia to intervene in the country's politics but I'm not sure I understand exactly how. I have yet to find a single article that explains precisely what the claims are, what USAID is accused of, and the Bolivian government doesn't seem to have actually presented any concrete evidence against USAID. Can somebody pleas explain to me what is happening with USAID?

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May 28, 2011
Extreme a bit, no?
by: Tyler

I am not a huge supporter of Evo, but I respect him as being in charge of my country and agree with many of his anti-US policies (I am a US migrant though haha.) I think in the situation he is acting a bit extreme and cutting the aid should mean being the hand to put down where the other left off. Kicking out US aid should be the beginning to Bolivian aid for places like El Alto.

I see his reason as I could see the USA trying some sort of schiesty business through any possible arm here. The US loves to exploit South America and plan coup de etats to interfere with democractic societies if they do not kneel before the power and might of the USA. This commonly occurs during Republican leadership of the USA.

Luckily, as terrible Obama seems to be at internal affairs in the USA (give the rich guys more etc,) he is doing pretty ok at foreign policy and I am seeing new trust pacts being made between the US and South America. Maybe this is a Hillary Clinton thing. Either way, the US needs to accept that full compliance is never to be expected, but full alliance can be asked for if both sides approach it respectfully and only IF BOTH COUNTRIES CAN MUTUALLY BENEFIT! Threats are no longer working against Venezuela and Bolivia and should never be made against a government that allows democratic procedure and public intervention to occur. This is a good thing as it means our governments need to approach foreign policy with the same clarity as someone who is emotionally stable (trying to control others is dysfunctional, whether it be within your own family or imposing anything on a foreign nation.)

My 2 cents, written from La Paz Bolivia.

May 06, 2011
bolivia not a narco-state
by: Anonymous

The Bolivian government claimed that the US ambassador and USAID gave between $8 - 10 million to separatists in the east of the country. These folks fomented riots over government nationalizations of natural gas resources aimed at distributing the revenue for all Bolivians instead of it all going to the white elites in Santa Cruz. So they've campaigned for "independence" for the provinces.

The comments above claiming that Evo Morales is simultaneously President and cocaine lord are ridiculous. Coca has been grown for millenia in Bolivia and is chewed by a very large proportion of the population. Coca makes it easier to work at high altitudes and also diminishes hunger, which is very real in Bolivia, the poorest country in South America. This has nothing to do with "getting high." One gram of cocaine requires 1kg of coca leaves. This produces a short, intense high. Bolivians chew small quantities of the leaves over long periods.

The expulsion of the DEA is more likely due to their policies of spraying coca fields with pesticides from the air. Huge quantities of the pesticides then run downhill into the Amazon basin. This policy has caused massive ecological damage in Colombia, currently the staunchest ally of US policies.

Mar 24, 2011
they'll stop at nothing to expel usaid
by: Anonymous

The MAS (Movement Toward Socialism political party) is determined to expel USAID from Bolivia. They're trumping up all kinds of charges against USAID, but haven't shown one iota of evidence to back their claims. They're saying USAID interfered in Bolivian politics while working in the country's rural and poor communities. However, their only evidence of this so far is that "some people told them so".

They're also saying USAID functions as a spy source for the DEA (which the president expelled about 2 years ago). Again, their only evidence is that someone "told them" this. The more likely reason for expelling the DEA and now USAID is that it interferes with the ability of drug traffickers to get their work done. Let's not forget Evo Morales is also the president of Bolivia's six top coca producer federations.

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