Bolivian Government Demands Tourists be Evacuated from Potosi

Havana - Cuba - Prensa Latina, 10-Aug-2010: The Bolivian government demanded today that tourists, people with illnesses, children, and the elderly, who have been stranded in Potosí for 12 days due to road blocks, be evacuated. The Vice Minister of the Interior Regimen and Police, Marcos Farfán, lamented that protesters did not allow an airplane contracted by the French embassy in Bolivia to land and evaluate four of its citizens.

The airplane flew over the area to evaluate four French citizens, among them a woman who had recently been operated and had heart problems, he explained. According to reports from Potosí, the French woman, who was not identified, is at risk and needs urgent medical attention in addition to medications that do not exist in the area.

In addition to the woman, who needs to return urgently to her country, there are others with physical and respiratory problems such as women, children and elderly persons who are trapped behind the road block and protests.

In emergency cases leaders and authorities should act with greater flexibility as they are putting lives in serious risk, insisted the Vice Minister.

A few hours ago representatives of some of the regions of Potosí demanded the regional civic committee, responsible for the blockade, enter into a dialogue with the government, as has been proposed innumerable times by the latter, while residents of Potosí currently living in La Paz marched through the city center demanding dialogue to resolve this conflict.

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Date: 10-Aug-2010
Source: Prensa Latina

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