Bolivian FELCN breaks cocaine confiscation record in 2010

El Nacional, Tarija, 04-Jan-2011: The Fuerza Especial de Lucha Contra el Narcotráfico (FELCN, Bolivia's drug enforcement unit) broke cocaine confiscation records in 2010, reported Sacha Llorenti, the Government Minister.

According to Llorenti, the FELCN, which is responsible for fighting drug trafficking in Bolivia confiscated a total of 29 tons of cocaine during 2010.

Llorenti explained that over 50 percent of the cocaine confiscated in the country is originally from Peru and is in transit to markets in Brazil, according to data collected over the past year.
The general director of the FELCN, Colonel Gonzálo Quezada, stated that the embargo of these toxic substances during this period is higher than in 2008, which was at 28.8 tons.

To "prevent, defend and protect" society from drugs against drugs is the essential function of the FELCN, which fulfilled its goals in Quezada's opinion.

"During this term we fulfilled the objectives we had set and broke the former record of activities taken against drug traffickers including the confiscation and incineration of cocaine in the country during the past decade", he affirmed, as quoted in the newspaper La Razón.

A total of 14,126 operations were led against drug traffickers in 2010. That is 2,760 more than in 2009, which totaled 11,366 (and that, in turn, is 3,331 more than the 10,795 actions taken in 2008).

Source: El Nacional
Date: 04-Jan-2011

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