Bolivian Bus Overturns: 7 Dead, 36 Injured

Tragically, 7 people are dead and 36 were injured in a bus accident that took place on Saturday morning when a Trans Azul bus overturned near Yotalilla, on the road between Sucre and Potosí, Bolivia, reports the FIDES news agency.

According to survivors, the bus driver was competing on the road against the driver of another vehicle. The excess speed caused him to lose control of the bus, which overturned. The injured were taken to the Santa Barbara and Universitario hospitals in Bolivia's capital city of Sucre.

"Thirty-six patients, all with varying diagnostics, arrived. Some are in serious condition and five have been hospitalized. Unfortunately, one of the patients in intensive care died and we are told by the morgue that three patients died at the scene. We've registered four deaths," said Franco Calvimontes, the doctor on shift at the Santa Barbara Hospital.

Source: El Deber – Date 1 December 2012 Read this Article in Spanish

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