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You can find Bolivia travel warnings and Bolivia safety tips and advice throughout the various travel forums on our site; however, it’s a sufficiently important issue to merit highlighting the various places you can find travel advice and information in an organized fashion, so you don’t have to browse the site for hours. You shouldn’t be afraid to travel to Bolivia, but you have the right to be made aware of some Bolivia travel safety issues.

You'll find additional travel safety tips, advice and warnings when you visit the pages associated with each individual tourist destination under our large Bolivia Tourism section. Just enter the destination home page, then click on the "Info" link for tourist information on that specific destination.

See these helpful sections for safe travel

Bolivia travel warnings
Bolivia travel warnings from the US Embassy in La Paz.

Crime in Bolivia
The most frequent types of crime and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Travel Precautions
Bolivia safety precautions, health information and emergency numbers.

Prepare in Advance
What to do to reduce the chance of problems while you travel Bolivia.

Travel Insurance
We now do recommend travel insurance for travel to Bolivia.

Bolivia Travel Tips
General Bolivia travel information forum. Add your own tips and advice.

Air Travel Tips
15 ways to get the best flights and the cheapest tickets on airlines.

Bolivia Visa Requirements
We update this page each time visa requirements change.

Bolivia Visa Forum
Still have doubts about Bolivia travel visas? Post a question here.

Bolivia in the News
Bolivia news feeds that self-update throughout the day.

Share Bolivia News
For you to share Bolivia current events relevant for travel to Bolivia.

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