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ESPAÑOL When I say in Bolivia soccer is like a religion, I mean it. Fans are very zealous and frequently get into physical altercations over this sport. Soccer is Bolivia's national past time (although in Spanish we call it fútbol - football). Even though there are many other sports played in Bolivia, nothing comes close to the fanaticism for Bolivia "futbol". It permeates the lives of many in every sense. Read the article above about Bolivia's 6-1 win against Argentina on April 1, 2009 just to get an idea about how soccer relates to many other aspects of life in Bolivia. It's a matter of national pride.

Lots of my readers are Bolivians living overseas, or Bolivia sports fans in general. And many of you who aren't Bolivian are just soccer fans and are struggling to keep up with the news on Bolivia sports. (I know, Bolivia makes the news SO OFTEN.) So for those of you who want to keep up:

In Bolivia soccer is kinda of like a religion

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