Bolivia requires Israeli tourists to apply for visa for first time since 1972

1 September 2014 - The Bolivian government has declared that as of yesterday, all Israeli citizens wishing to travel into Bolivia must obtain a tourist visa from a Bolivian consulate prior to arrival.

As of yesterday, all Israeli citizens will need a visa to enter Bolivia. The Bolivian government has revoked the agreement for free entry signed with Israel in 1972. This was done in response to the offensive launched against Gaza by Israel in the past few weeks. The measure was announced in July and became applicable yesterday. President Morales stated Bolivia considers Israel a "terrorist state" due to its attack on Palestinian territory, indicating that it does not respect the United Nations Declaration nor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In this manner, citizens of Israel will no longer be included in the Group 1 visa classification (no tourist visa needed to enter Bolivia) and have been transferred to Group 3, meaning they must apply for a tourist visa which will be reviewed by Bolivian Immigration authorities.

"Moving them to Group 3 means (...) that we are declaring the (Israeli) state a terrorist state," aid Morales one month ago.

As of yesterday, citizens of Israel who wish to travel to Bolivia must apply for a visa at Bolivian consulates overeas and Bolivian Immigration authorities will decide whether a visa will be issued or not.

According to Bolivian Immigration authorities, between 10,000 and 12,000 Israeli tourists visit Bolivia each year.

This is a translation of the following article in Spanish.

Source: Los Tiempos
Date: 1 September 2014

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