Bolivia Preparing for Roadblocks Throughout the Nation Monday

Franklin Durán, executive secretary of the Federation of Bolivian Drivers indicated that as of Monday (August 9) federation members will begin blocking all major highways. "I can't give you the details of our protest measures, but I can ensure you that La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz will feel this protest. I repeat, we will not allow Customs to confiscate our units and we reject the new Customs Law approved in Congress", stated Durán.

Jesús Cahuana, a Santa Cruz trade union leader, indicated his union's members have been instructed to not open any markets in the city.

"This has been decided throughout the country and we'll see if members comply. As to us, we've scheduled blockades of the first ring, the highway to Warnes, Cristo Redentor Avenue, the highway to Beni, and the old highway to Cochabamba", indicated Cahuana, who also stated that they are not in favor of contraband, but believe controls should carried out at the borders, at airports, in river ports, and not in the city.

Regarding this, Daniel Sánchez, president of the CEPB (Federation of Private Businesspeople of Bolivia) indicated that the sector supports the new customs law which attempts to curtail contraband.

As to rumored take-overs of free trade and customs clearance zones throughout the country by importers of used cars (also on Monday) representatives of this sector could not be reached.

This is a translation. Read this article in Spanish here.

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