Bolivia Postage Squirrel -US Postage Designer Rex Davenport

by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport
(8502 East Chapman Avenue Suite 132 Orange, California 92869 USA)

Bolivia Postage Squirrel-US Postage Designer Rex Davenport

Bolivia Postage Squirrel-US Postage Designer Rex Davenport

President Evo Morales The Gray Squirrel has been traced back to 50 Million years ago from a fossil record made in North America, and South America. The Squirrels's common name can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks, where Aristotlc used the word "Skiouros," skia meaning shade, while "Oura" means tail, thus the meaning "He who sits in the shadow of his tail" was recorded centuries ago. Today the French created a Noun "Esquirel" short to describe this Animal from this present word" Squirrel" which was derived from the word Gray tail.

Today and around the World we see this Gray Tail, or Squirrel running up and down different streets during certain times of the year chasing after crumbs,fruits,and nuts, and there are over 365 different types of squirrels today. Therefore, I have created this
Bolivia Postage Squirrel,for President Evo Morales and for the People of Bolivia.

Rex Davenport
US Postage Designer
8502 East Chapman Avenue
Suite 132
Orange,California 92869
United States of America

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