Bolivia Postage of Potosi-by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport

by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport
(8502 East Chapman Avenue Suite 132, Orange, California 92869 U.S.A.)

Potosi by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport

Potosi by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport

President Evo Morales the City of Potosi is the World Highest City with a world elevation at a nominal 4,090 metres which is 13,420 feet and was located at the Spanish Colonial Mint which is now the National Mint of Bolivia. Potosi lies beneath the Cerro de Potosi referred to as the Cerro Rico, which means,"Rich Mountain" a mountain conceived of as being " Made of Silver" which has always dominated the City. The Cerro Rico is the reason for Potosi historical importance since it was the major supply of silver for Spain during the period of the " New World Spanish Empire". This silver was taken by llama and mule train to the Spanish Empire from where it was taken to Spain on Spanish Treasure Fleets, Cerro de Potosi's peak is 4,824 metres which is 15,827 feet above sea level. Therefore I have created this Bolivia
Postage Design of the City of Potosi to honor President of Bolivia,
Evo Morales and the People of Bolivia.

Rex Davenport
US Postage Designer
8502 East Chapman Avenue
Suite 132
Orange, California 92869
United States of America

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